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Our  Past …

The cooperative named Cooperativa Idrici ed Affini di Bologna (hence the acronym CIAB) was founded in 1946, thanks to the initiative of a dozen plumbers. From the very beginning, it has been a member of the Lega delle Cooperative (Italian Cooperatives League). Year after year the Cooperative has grown up and consolidated its position, increasing its potential. The current head office in Via della Cooperazione has been opened in 1964, in a place which at that was in the remotest outskirts of Bologna, a place of dismissed quarries and kilns. At the beginning of the ’90s, the costant development of the company and need to rearrange the organization in order to meet new market’s requests, promped the Cooperative to deeply renovate the head office. The Cooperative decided to meet this need not only by simply enlarging the building, but also by doing “something more”. Heance the idea of the continuos facade and small front garden, as a contribute to urban reneval. This spirit in perfect embodied in the “elicoide rosso” (red helicoid), an art work built with pipes massed in the form of an helicoid, that recalls the acient job of the plumber and project it into the future. The “elicoide rosso” is the best symbol to represent the Cooperative, visually linking the past and the future.

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… creates the roots for our Present

CIAB is an important operating organization, based upon higly qualified technicians and a know how continuously updated in the fields of selecting new products and finding technologically advanced solutions.Design experience, accurate realization and use of most updated technologies allow CIAB to face every single client’s need, providing a qualified assistance, always able to find a solution to all the most demanding requests.Today CIAB’s products are point of reference for customers and designers, that are certain of the choise of the best components to satisfy client’s needs, always in compliance with the most demanding italian and international standards.Today’s, CIAB services have been enlarged through the expansion in the sectors of electrical installations and ICT systems, through the implementation of two new realization schemes, project financing and global service, both in the public and private sector, and finally through the development in the market of the renewable energies.Today, we can state that CIAB is a reliable, organized and skilled company.


  • Comparto A di Segredife Il nuovo edificio
    Workshop - Il nuovo edificio "Comparto A" di Segredifesa.
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